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COVID-19 Complaint Form to Report Business Engaging in Risky Practices for Public Health

  1. Thank you for taking the time to report a business you found engaging in risky behavior with respect to spreading COVID-19. Please take a couple of minutes to answer the questions below which enable us to address this concern.
  2. This form is for complaints about businesses only. For complaints involving parks, other public spaces, or other non-business complaints, please contact law enforcement at 360-344-9779, ext. 0.
  3. COVID-19 Health Concern (Check all that apply):*
  4. If you would like us to contact you for further information please provide the following:
    Important Notice: The following information is not required. If you provide it or if you request an email containing this information, it will become a public record subject to public disclosure pursuant to the Washington State Public Records Act.
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