Do I qualify for WIC?

Good news- WIC has openings  for eligible pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 5 years old. Get nutritious foods, information about feeding children, breastfeeding education and support and referrals to important services.  Learn more here.

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1. What is WIC?
2. How Do I Sign up for WIC?
3. Do I qualify for WIC?
4. Can I get WIC in Chimacum or Quilcene?
5. What do I bring to my WIC appointment?
6. What happens to WIC if my income changes?
7. How do I make a WIC appointment?
8. What kinds of foods are on WIC?
9. Do I need proof of citizenship to qualify for WIC?
10. Can I get help with food for my children under 5 years old?
11. I need help getting formula, how do I do that?
12. How can I get more fresh fruit and veggies on a limited budget?
13. What stores accept WIC?
14. What about dads, grandparents or legal guardians and the WIC Program?