Who do I talk to about preliminary questions about building a structure or developing my property in Jefferson County?

  Customer Assistance Meeting (CAM)

To schedule a CAM

Call (360) 379-4465 or email your questions to: planning@co.jefferson.wa.us.  

Thank you!


Book an appointment with staff to discuss questions regarding your parcel. Examples include how critical area and shoreline regulations affect projects. This service gives customers a written product on project considerations, permit process, and feasibility.

What you need to know about this process:

  •  Customer Assistance Meetings are still scheduled by calling (360) 379-4465 or by emailing Planning@co.jeffrson.wa.us 
  • Customer Assistance Meetings last 30 minutes per meeting.
  • Please prepare the following items before proceeding:
    • You will need to know your parcel number. 
    • You can research your parcel number by clicking here.
    • There are self-service options if this isn't the right fit.


By submitting this reservation request, Customer acknowledges that:

Information and guidance provided through Customer Assistance is advisory only and is based on information provided by the customer. This is not intended to be an exhaustive review of all potential issues. Any discussion or information provided shall not bind or prohibit the County’s future implementation or enforcement of all applicable laws and regulations. No statements or assurances made by County representatives shall in any way relieve the applicant of his or her duty to submit an application consistent with all relevant requirements of County, state and federal codes, laws, regulations, land use plans, and other requirements.


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