I now have a court date, what should I do?

Many people ask if they have to come to court. The answer is that you are not under subpoena to appear in court and the Court will not issue a warrant if you do not attend. However, it is in your best interest to participate fully in this process and to come to court on the day of your hearing. Please plan on arriving 15 minutes before court is scheduled to begin. Please plan on setting aside half the day for the hearing.

The Jefferson County Superior Court hears paternity cases on Fridays at 2:00pm. The Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will schedule the hearing and send notice to all parties through USPS mail. If you cannot attend the hearing, please contact the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and they will attempt to reschedule the hearing. Please contact them as soon as you learn you cannot attend the hearing. You can also request a continuance by filing paperwork with the Superior Court.

If you are planning to come to court, please let us know if you need any accommodations in terms of language interpreters or disability. 

You will have a chance to talk to the Judge or Commissioner during the hearing.  Often, the parties are limited to five minutes.  While some people choose to hire an attorney to represent them, many do not.  You may find it helpful to make a list of the things you want to tell the Court before coming to the courtroom.

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