I know who the biological father of my child is. How do I get child support?

A person cannot be obligated to pay child support until they are legally declared to be a parent and they are listed on the child’s birth certificate. A father’s name is put on the birth certificate if:

  1. He and the mother are married at the time the child is born (he is called the presumed father);
  2. He and the mother sign a paternity affidavit; or,
  3. A court order establishes him as the father.

If a father is already listed on the child’s birth certificate, the Division of Child Support (DCS) can set support administratively. If no father is named on the child’s birth certificate, then DCS may refer the case to the Family Support Division to establish paternity and set support through the Jefferson County Superior Court

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1. I know who the biological father of my child is. How do I get child support?
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