How do I name a road?

If you have property off of a named road, you may optionally name it at any time. You MUST name your road if your road extends more than 1,000 feet from a named road and/or if the road has four or more assigned emergency locator numbers on it.


The forms below will assist you in the road naming process:

Please contact the Department of Community Development for a list of current road names in use.


The cost to the petitioner to name a road is $455.18. If there are emergency locator number already assigned to adjoining parcel owners that will be serviced by the road, there will be no additional cost to have their address changed to the new road name. If there are adjoining parcel owners that are not currently assigned an emergency locator number and they would like one, the cost is $115 for each emergency locator number assigned (new addresses are typically $276).

Overview of Process

  • Submit the Road Naming Petition with 3 potential names, in order of preference.
    • It is highly advisable that the petitioner contact neighbors first to discuss possible road names (It’s always nicer to hear from your neighbor before hearing from the county, road naming is difficult enough)
    • Get as many neighbors as possible to sign off on road names proposed.
    • Make sure that the three name choices include a road type such as Road, Drive, Street, Way, Place, etc. An application containing less than three choices will be returned as invalid. Alteration of any signature without the initialed (or written) consent of each petitioner will invalidate the petition and it will not be processed. Verbal consent to any alteration will not be accepted.
    • Make sure to include a map with the road highlighted
  • Adjoining parcel owners (APOs) are notified of road naming process
    • APOs are given 21 days to respond with desired name changes
  • Road names are submitted to local fire department and JEFFCOMM (the County’s emergency dispatch department) for approval
  • The top ranked approved road name will be assigned to the road
  • Department of Community Development staff will come out to the site and physically measure the road and assign the addresses


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