Can I get help signing up for health insurance
  • Go here to begin your application process. Once you have started an application, if you are having difficulty completing it or have more detailed questions about the application you have started, call 360-385-2200 and press extension 2265.
  • If you have applied for Apple Health Insurance and are needing assistance with reproductive health, Take Charge is a program that may be able to assist you. Call our office at 360-385-9400 to learn more.

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1. Do I have to get a pap smear before starting birth control?
2. Can I make an appointment just to talk about different birth control options?
3. Do you only see women at your clinic?
4. What is WIC?
5. How Do I Sign up for WIC?
6. Do I qualify for WIC?
7. What is Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)
8. Where can I find support for pregnant and new moms?
9. What do I bring to my WIC appointment?
10. What kinds of foods are on WIC?
11. Do I need proof of citizenship to receive services?
12. Can I get help with food for my children under 5 years old?
13. Can I get a home visiting nurse and how do I do that?
14. Can I get help with breastfeeding?
15. I need help getting formula, how do I do that?
16. What is Maternity Support Services (MSS)?
17. How can I get more fresh fruit and veggies on a limited budget?
18. What stores accept WIC?
19. What about dads, grandparents or legal guardians and the WIC Program?
20. How can I get a breast pump?
21. Can I get help signing up for health insurance
22. I or my children are having dental problems, can we get help?
23. I’ve got a child with special health care needs, how can I get support or services?
24. What is Mandatory Reporting?
25. What can I do if a friend is possibly suicidal?