How do I find a well driller?

Check the local phone book, talk to neighbors, realtors and friends. 

List of Well Drillers that work in Jefferson County and contact information (PDF)

View the Department of Ecology's

Homeowners Guide to Well Construction.

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1. Is someone available to answer my questions?
2. I want to know about wells in the area and need to find a well log or water well report. How do I do that?
3. How do I find a well driller?
4. Why is the State Department of Ecology in charge of water wells?
5. How is Jefferson County involved with drilling of wells?
6. How do I obtain a variance for a well?
7. I need to test my well water to get a building permit, what should I do?
8. I just want to test my well water for my own reasons. What should I test for and how?
9. How do I decommission a well?
10. I want to store water in containers. Do I need to add something like chlorine to the water? How do you purify your water? How long is it safe to keep in bottles?
11. How far does a well have to be from a septic system?
12. What information do I need to know about as a private well owner?