Code Compliance

For Building Code Questions
To learn the requirements of our building code (IBC 2018), please contact Jefferson County Plans Examiner Phil Cecere at or 360-379-4461

Code Compliance Enforcement
The Code Compliance Coordinator responds to citizen complaints regarding building, zoning, and land use, in Jefferson County. The Code Compliance Coordinator works in partnership with the County’s Environmental Public Health and Sheriff’s Offices on nuisance complaints. Complaints are investigated to determine if there is a violation of County code, the extent of the violation, and the appropriate action required. The Code Compliance Coordinator works with all affected parties to resolve or mitigate violations.

To learn about compliance with the county code, check

Jefferson County Code Chapter 19: Code Compliance

Due to the many years of this position not being funded, the back-log of complaints is great. The new Coordinator is working to process and purge years of old complaints and respond appropriately. Along with processing cases we are also working towards building the Code Compliance Program, which will focus on a clear and understandable compliance, education and enforcement process. 

To learn more, contact Code Compliance Coordinator Debra Murdock at or 360-379-4462.

If you currently have a code compliance complaint please see the link below to our complaint form. Each complaint will be processed and assessed for appropriate action. We ask the citizens to continue to be patient while we work to build this valuable program and provide much needed enforcement services to Jefferson County.

Other Resources 
Report noise complaints to the Sheriff's Department
Check the Landlord Tenant Act, RCW Title 59.
Learn about or apply for permits

Report Suspected Violations

To report a suspected code violation, complete an online Complaint Form.