Home Syringe Disposal

A safer way to dispose of your syringes and lancets.

Label Container

Label an empty clear plastic soda or cooking oil bottle with a warning label available for printing (see link to label below), or write "Syringes: Do Not Recycle!" Note: Prevent pressure build-up in garbage truck by putting a small hole in the neck of the bottle - this allows air to escape.


  • Keep your container out of reach of small children and pets!
  • Never flush your syringes down the toilet!
  • Don't fill your container to the top! Allow 2 to 3 inches in-between the syringes and the neck of the soda bottle.
  • Put a lid on it! After you use a syringe or lancet, put it directly into a clear plastic bottle with a tight cap.
  • When the bottle is full and tightly sealed, throw it out with the trash.
Do not put the red commercial "sharps" containers into your household trash. Studies show that they will shatter in the collection truck and expose people to loose syringes.

Other Options

Deliver Bottle to Jefferson County Solid Waste Transfer Station

At the Transfer Station do not throw the bottle on the Transfer floor with the other trash. Inform the Transfer Attendant of the sharps and they will advise you where to place it.

Mail-Away Sharps Disposal Program

Mail-back disposal programs, allow home sharps users to mail used sharps to licensed disposal facilities as a safe disposal option. There is a fee charged for this service. View a list of U.S. Postal Service approved sharps disposal providers.

Labels & Brochures

Residents of other counties should contact the environmental health division of their local health department for information on syringe disposal restrictions.

Proper Disposal

  • Store: Carefully put each of your used syringes and lancets into the bottle. Continue adding until container is 3/4 full.
  • Seal: Put tape over the closed bottle cap when the bottle is 3/4 full.
  • Safe Disposal: Place bottle at the top of your trash can, just under the lid, on the scheduled day of collection. The bottle should be placed in the trash can as close to the collection time as possible in order to limit exposure time to other people and animals.