Pollution Prevention Assistance

What is Pollution Prevention Assistance (PPA)?

Pollution Prevention Assistance (PPA), formerly Local Source Control (LSC), is a partnership between the Department of Ecology and local health jurisdictions to conduct free, on-site technical guidance to small quantity generators (SQG) that generate hazardous waste.

Your business is responsible for preventing polluted runoff, produced from your property or worksite, from entering and damaging local waterways. Pollution Prevention Specialists can work with your business to identify sources of potential pollution and advise about prevention and promote sustainable business practices.

Together, businesses and PPA can accomplish:
  • Safer practices for storage and materials handling
  • Proper management of drainage systems to reduce impacts to stormwater
  • Establishment of plans for spill prevention and preparedness
  • Healthier, safer business processes by reducing the use of toxins and/or replacing with safer alternatives

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