Hazardous Waste

 The Moderate Risk Waste/Household Hazardous Waste Facility is open with its normal schedule on Fridays and the first Saturday of the month: 10 AM – Noon and 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM.

Jefferson County has a comprehensive program for dealing with left-over hazardous wastes such as lawn and garden products, fuels, paints, and many other items identified as being household hazardous waste, also termed “moderate risk waste.”

Hazardous waste is described as any liquid solid, gas, or sludge, including any material, substance, product, commodity, or waste, regardless of quantity, that exhibits any of the physical, chemical, or biological properties described in Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 173-303-090 and/or WAC 173-303-100.


JCPH also investigates accidental spills of hazardous materials, as well as reviews environmental sampling and testing of leaking underground storage tanks. When found, these sites are evaluated and referred to the Toxics Cleanup Program from the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Successful cleanups are properties that have been cleaned up either through court orders, or homeowners' efforts.