Food Workers

Food Worker Card

Washington State Food Worker Cards are required of any person serving and/or selling food to the public.


You must complete the Washington State Food Worker Course and pass an exam to receive a valid card, even when you are renewing your old one. Food workers may complete the course online or in a class offered by Jefferson County Public Health. If cards are renewed 14 days prior to the expiration date, an extra year is granted!

Follow one of the links below to learn more about taking the course either online or at one of our local instructor led classes.
Please note:  A signature is required for card validation - be sure to sign your card!


The fee is $10; payable by check or exact change.

Studying Before Taking the Course

Food and Beverage Workers' Manual (PDF).

Length of Validity

Can I start work before I get my card?
Yes, you can work for up to 14 days before you get your card – if you get food safety training from your employer. New cards are good for 2 years.

Renewal cards are good for 3 years if you take the class before the expiration date of your current card.

Cards renewed after the expiration date are valid for 2 years.

What if I lose my card before it expires?
You can stop by Jefferson County Public Health and get a duplicate for $10.

Additional Training Options Through Other Sources

The National Restaurant Association Website has information for additional Food Safety Training through ServSafe.
Washington Restaurant Association (WRA) has information for the Servsafe Food Protection Manager Certification.
View a storyboard poster (PDF) courtesy of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Protect People Everywhere: Wash Your Hands, Use Gloves or Utensils, and Never Work When You Are Sick.

Follow these links to learn more about Washington State Regulations: