2007 Projects


In 2007, the Board of County Commissioners approved the use of $230,000 towards the Glendale Farm project. Jefferson Land Trust is the sponsor of this project to retain a historic 180-acre farm in agricultural production and preserve pastoral vistas between Beaver Valley and Center Roads just south of Chimacum, WA.

A conservation easement will reduce the development potential of the property from 12 additional home sites to one and restrict a parcel to businesses related to agriculture. Removal of prime soils, forested stream buffer width, and manipulation of water courses would also be restricted. About 160 acres are in open pasture with an additional 20 acres of forest. Chimacum Creek runs through the center of the farm for 2,700 feet.

Also in 2007, the Upper Tarboo Creek Conservation project was granted up to $150,000 towards a conservation easement to restore forest habitat on a 50-acre parcel near the intersection of Highway 104 and Center Road. Approximately 1,600 feet of Tarboo Creek flows through the property. This section of stream contains spawning and rearing habitat for coho salmon and other fish species.