Public Notices

Applicant Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Shoreline conditional use, shoreline substantial development, and flood development application to improve an existing public boat launch at Point Whitney. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is proposing to leave the existing launch in place and to install new planks with steel bars/rails. This will raise the elevation of the ramp while keeping it in the same footprint. The improved ramp would not be above the average existing beach grade. The proposed ramp will be raised to improve safety and reduce impacts on beach substrates in the area. Mitigation proposed by WDFW includes previously-completed grading at the west end of the point to match the beach grade and use of the Hood Canal Coordinating Council In-lieu Fee program. The applicant submitted an Eelgrass Delineation report, a Coastal Processes Assessment and Design Considerations report, and a Habitat Management Plan. The applicant also submitted WDFW government-government consultation letters with Washington Department of Archaeology and Historic preservation and with Tribes. The proposal is subject to review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and WDFW acted as the lead agency for SEPA.
November 3, 2021
Site Address and Project Location S6 T30 R1W W1/2 SE SW; Hastings Avenue W. to west on McMinn Road; Port Townsend, WA 98368.
MOXLEY SHORT PLAT. The proposal is to subdivide one parcel of 20.81-acres into two 10.4-acre parcels. This application requires a Type II Short Plat subdivision permit per Jefferson County Code (JCC) 18.35 Article III and is exempt from SEPA under WAC 197-11-800 (6)(a). There are no existing residences on the property.
November 10, 2021
Permit Number MLA21-00091
Applicant Leona Long
Postal District Nordland
Parcel Number 021191007
Project Description  The proposed project consists of a residential addition to an existing legal nonconforming guest cottage by creating a 352 square foot room attached to the existing 828 square foot Additional Dwelling Unit. The proposed addition will contain an office and a bathroom. The proposed additional 352 square foot room will create a landward and lateral expansion within 150 feet of Ordinary High Water Mark. A Geologic Hazard Assessment and a Shoreline and Wetland Assessment have
been submitted to address the work in wetland, shoreline, and unstable shoreline slope critical areas. Associated permits include: MLA21-00091, SDP2021-00013, BLD2021-00304, PRE2020-00023, SEP1992-00003, BLD1979-00155, and
BLD1977-00052. No preliminary decision has been made about the approval of this application prior to noticing.
Notice Date October 5, 2021
Permit Number MLA21-00092
Applicant Dahlgren Industrial 
Postal ​District Port Ludlow
Parcel Number 821312001
Project Description CONDITIONAL USE ADMINISTRATIVE PERMIT (C(a)) for a temporary interim commercial mass timber ("CMT") lumber mill located on land zoned as commercial forest 80 (CF 80). The interim CMT mill will operate as a small scale lumber mill with forest product processing on a repurposed gravel mine site, with accessory office, storage, and parking. The interim CMT mill will establish proof of concept for using CMT modules for mid rise and high rise construction, refine design and production techniques, and allow assembly of construction modules for a demonstration project to establish market position. The interim proposal will use the existing 3,500 square foot building, the existing on site 640 square foot office, and include a new separate tent structure up to 7,500 square feet located on top of the existing impervious surface. The noise generated will be minimal such as typical traffic noise levels of trucks and up to 20 employees, entering and exiting the site, during the hours of 7 AM to 7 PM. There is no smoke generated on site, a dust collection system will control sawdust, there are no fumes or odors anticipated, and there will be no vibrations of equipment outside of the workspace. Most operations will occur inside the existing buildings. There are no critical areas located on site and the parcel is surrounded by forestry and mining operations. This project is categorically exempt from SEPA for minor new construction of equal to or less than 12,000 square feet and fewer than 40 parking spaces under Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 197 11 800(1)(a)(i) through (iv) and Jefferson County Code (JCC) 18.40.750(1)(d) that identifies the size thresholds.
Notice ​Date September 29, 2021
Permit ​Number MLA21-000066
Applicant Pomona Woods LLC
Postal ​District Port Hadlock
Parcel Number 921183008 & 921183002
Project Description : CONDITONAL USE PERMIT FOR AN SMALL-SCALE TOURIST RECREATION USE RETREAT CENTER - Pomona Woods LLC proposes to construct a commercial, small-scale tourist retreat center (“Pomona Woods”) along Oak Bay Road in Port Hadlock, Washington. The Pomona Woods Retreat Center would accommodate guest reservations for group activities such as yoga retreats, business group retreats, and corporate or not-for-profit strategic planning. Rooms would not be reserved for individual guests. The 7,355 square foot Pomona Woods Retreat Center proposes twenty-four rooms, a commercial kitchen to serve guests three meals a day, and would accommodate a maximum of thirty-five guests and seven employees. A caretaker residence (for two on-site caretakers), septic system, parking lot, lawn area, two access roads, and one entrance sign are also proposed to serve the retreat center. The proposal would create 43,607 square feet of new impervious surface. All work would be conducted on a vacant, heavily forested property. There is a Coastal Saltwater Intrusion Protection Zone located on the property. No other critical areas are located on the property. The applicant has submitted a SEPA Environmental Checklist, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, Custom Soil Resource Report, and Geotechnical Report in conjunction with the Conditional Use (Type III) Permit application. The proposal is subject to review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).
Notice ​Date September 15th, 2021
Permit ​Number MLA21-00080
Applicant Andrew Nordstrom
Postal ​District Nordland
Parcel Number 921084010, 921084011
Project Description ZON2021-00049: SMALL SCALE TOURIST AND RECREATION CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT WITH MAJOR VARIANCE AND SEPA to bring Marrowstone Inn into conformance as Rural Recreation Lodging and Cabins. The parcels are in total 8.3 acres and per Jefferson County Code (JCC) 18.20.350(9)(a) requires a variance from the 10 acre parcel requirement. Additionally, the applicants are requesting a variance from JCC 18.20.350(9)(b), to allow more than the 6000 square feet of development for 10 acres to accommodate the existing 11 rental cabins totaling 9,097 SF with an additional assembly space, garage with caretaker’s unit above, and three utility buildings totaling 4,459 SF (excluding the caretaker's residence). The property has been continuously operated as a grandfathered, non conforming beach resort since the 1940s. Part of the proposal includes renovating and improving the existing structures, upgrading the septic system to meet current commercial standards, the addition of a sauna, improving existing paths onsite, the addition of more gravel parking, and two "glamping" tents on the property.
SDP2021-00012: SHORELINE VARIANCE WITH SHORELINE SUBSTANTIAL DEVELOPMENT PERMIT to remodel and renovate existing non conforming cabins. The renovations mostly include lateral, landward development within the shoreline jurisdiction. Waterward development includes supplying existing non conforming cabins 1 4 with the required septic transport lines. There are two wetlands on site, a category I marine wetland and a category IV wetland, with a 300 foot and 40 foot buffer, respectfully. The applicants are requesting an administrative buffer reduction of 25% per JCC 18.22.730 (9). The entryway of Cabin 2 is proposed to be located waterward of the existing entryway, but will not be the most waterward portion of the cabin and the entryway to cabin 3 will be relocated to the eastern side of the cabin, a lateral expansion that is parallel to the shoreline of Oak Bay. The previous unpermitted expansion of a restroom in cabin 5, which the applicants have requested to keep and upgrade is parallel to the shoreline of Kilisut Harbor and is
necessary to provide restroom facilities for the guests utilizing this cabin. Associated access road improvements and portions of the areas where sewer lines are proposed are waterward of cabins 1 4. The septic system has been designed to minimize land disturbance in association with the onsite contours and conditions. The proposal is the most minimally invasive option to the shoreline and is required to bring the property into compliance. The proposal is accompanied by a Shoreline, Wetland, Fish and Wildlife Habitat, and FEMA Floodplain assessment prepared by Soundview Consultants.

Notice ​Date August 8th, 2021
Permit Number
Applicant Public Utility District No. 1 of Jefferson County
Postal District Port Ludlow
Location Section 33, Township 28N, Range 1E, Shine Road, Merridith Street, Joan Street, Margaret, Port Ludlow, WA 98365
Project Description EXTENSION OF UTILITIES- The Public Utility District No. 1 of Jefferson County (JPUD) proposes to replace the existing Shine Plat Water System and connect to JPUD’s existing Bywater Bay Water System. The Shine Plat Water System will be replaced with approximately 1,725-feet of 8-inch water main, which connects to the Bywater Bay Water System at the intersection of Shine Road and Merridith Street, approximately 575-feet of 4-inch water main, and 3 fire hydrants. The new PUD system will require new pipelines and the replacement of old lines, as well as new water services to each lot. The project would also install conduit and transformer vaults to accommodate future underground power, and include site restoration and asphalt patching. The work would be within existing road rights -of-way (ROW) and impervious surface area. A portion of this application is located in Natural and Residential Shoreline Jurisdiction. Water system replacement on Joan Street is located outside of the 200 ft Shoreline Jurisdiction. The applicant has submitted a Geotechnical Report, Engineered Stormwater Plan, Flood Habitat Assessment, Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application, and Wetland Report in conjunction with the Conditional Use Administrative (Type II) Permit, Shoreline Conditional Use Discretionary (Type II) Permit, and Shoreline Substantial Development (Type III) Permit applications. The proposal is subject to review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and the applicant has submitted a SEPA Environmental Checklist. 
Notice Date
August 25th, 2021
Permit Number MLA21-00003
Applicant Shold Excavating Inc.
Postal District Port Hadlock
Project Description The proposed project will be located in an active mine operating under Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) mine permit no. 70-013112. The existing mining permit covers a 120.88-acre permit boundary. Sand and gravel aggregate resource is currently excavated, piled, and hauled directly off site to a separately permitted processing facility located west of the mine across Chimacum Road. The off-site processing facility is used for processing and sales of sand and gravel resource extracted from the mine site as well as for storage, processing, and sales of recycled concrete received at the processing facility. Shold proposes to move its off-site processing operations to the expanded mine site including crushing, screening, storage, and sales of sand and gravel resource as well as importation, crushing, storage, and sales of recycled concrete. This will reduce traffic crossing Chimacum Road and consolidate their mining-related activities onto one site. Aspects of the proposed project include the use of a rock crusher and screens for sand and gravel aggregate processing, storage of cured concrete material imported onto the site, crushing of the cured concrete into recycled concrete products, and storage and sales of all of products to commercial customers. Shold anticipates that the processing facility would be moved to the mine floor when the extent of the mine excavation allows adequate room for processing and storage. The scales will remain in the northwest corner by the site entrance. Each facility location includes a new well to provide water for dust suppression. This project requires a Type III Conditional Use permit with public notice and a public hearing with a decision by the Jefferson County Hearings Examiner. A subsequent hearing notice with SEPA determination will be published at least 15 days prior to the hearing once the hearing date is determined. The project also requires SEPA review and determination, a Stormwater Management Plan, Expanded Reclamation Permit from the Department of Natural Resources, a revised Department of Ecology Sand & Gravel General Permit, and Notice of Construction through ORCAA (Olympic Regional Clean Air Authority).
Notice Date August 18th 2021
Permit Number MLA19-00036
Applicant James Smersh (for BDN LLC, and representative is Ken Sheppard)
Postal District Port Ludlow
Parcel Number 721031007
Project Description Shoreline conditional use, shoreline substantial development, and flood development application for new Pacific geoduck (Panopea generosa) farm on 5.15 acres of tidelands in Squamish Harbor. The geoduck planting area extends from about +2 feet mean lower low water (MLLW) down to approximately -1-foot MLLW and -2-foot MLLW. The proposed aquaculture will be located at least 16.4 feet from the edge of a native eelgrass (Zostera marina) bed.

The geoduck farm will consist of four-inch-diameter by 10-inch-long PVC tubes placed into the substrate during low tide. One PVC tube will be inserted per square foot of planting area, with three- to five inches of the tube exposed above the substrate surface. Geoduck seed will subsequently be placed in installed and submerged tubes by divers. Once a geoduck seed is planted, the tube will then be covered with mesh caps and secured with UV resistant rubber bands. After two years, the tubes will be removed, and geoducks will be harvested about five or six years after planting.

The following upland parcels will be used as part of this proposal:
(1) An unimproved, upland parcel zoned rural residential (0.29 acre) along Shine Road would be used for secondary parking for aquaculture project;
(2) An unimproved, upland parcel zoned rural residential (1.26 acre) accessed from Shine Road would be used for tube storage and parking for the aquaculture operation;
(3) A Jefferson County park (William R. Hicks Park), located immediately west of the geoduck farm, may be used for parking; and
(4) A state park (Shine Tidelands State Park), located immediately north of the Hood Canal Bridge, will be used as a boat launch.
No ground disturbing activities are proposed at any of these four sites.

The applicant submitted the following reports: Biological Evaluation (and Addendums), Eelgrass Delineation (and Addendums), Visual Assessment, Cumulative Impacts (and Addendum), Habitat Management Plan/No Net Loss, and Gear Management Plan. The Biological Evaluation refers to netting and rebar, neither of which are included in the current application. Therefore, no netting or rebar would be placed in the 5.15-acre project area if the proposal were to be approved.

The proposal is subject to review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) and the applicant submitted a SEPA Environmental Checklist.

Notice ​Date July 21, 2021
Permit Number MLA20-00047
Postal District Port Ludlow
Parcel Number Parcel 977400002; OLELE POINT LOTS 4 & 5(TAX 12) & TL TX N BND TGTH THRU BLA #117975; Section 28 - Township 29N - Range 1E; 641 Olele Point Road, Port Ludlow, WA 98365. 
Project Description SHORELINE EXEMPTION WITH SEPA and flood development permit to replace legal non-conforming stairs to the beach that were initially constructed before 1970. The replacement stairs will remain the same size as the existing stairs and will be galvanized steel construction. The total square footage of the stairs is 160 square feet. The applicants have submitted a Shoreline Assessment & No-Net-Loss Report completed by Ecological Land Services. This project is exempt under shoreline permitting from Jefferson County Code (JCC) 18.25.560(2) Maintenance and
Repair. The application requires SEPA review for lands covered by water under WAC 197-11-800(3). No removal of vegetation, fill or dredging will occur.

Notice Date 06-11-2021
Permit Number MLA20-00041/SDP20-00003
Applicant Caldwell, Dan and Tami
Postal District Port Ludlow
Parcel Number 931500112
Project Description SHORELINE EXEMPTION – for removal and replacement of a portion (2200 square feet) a permitted (SDP78-14) dilapidated concrete boat ramp under JCC 18.25.560(2) Maintenance and Repair. The project requires State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review and determination, review and determination from the Army Corps of Engineers, and a Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) from the State Department of Fish & Wildlife. A notice of application with associated 30-day comment period is also required.

Notice Date May 06, 2021
Permit Number MLA20-00144/ZON2020-00066
Applicant Larry & Mandy Whipple
Postal District Port Ludlow
Parcel Number 921294006
Project Description Shoreline conditional use permit (C(a)) for lateral and landward development in Shoreline Jurisdiction per JCC 18.25.660(9), including residential remodel adding a net 922 s.f. of living area, new covered decks and breezeway adding a net of 504 s.f., new 700 s.f. garage with 300 s.f. parking apron, and removal of some decking and 2,800 s.f. of concrete driveway. A Habitat Management Plan & Wetland Delineation is submitted demonstrating 2,995 s.f. of impact area and 3,531 s.f. of mitigation area with no net loss of environmental functions. 
Comment Period & Review Documents The application and any studies may be reviewed at this link: All interested persons are invited to (a) comment on the application; (b) receive notice of and participate in any hearings; and (c) receive a copy of the decision by submitting such written comment(s)/request(s) to the Jefferson County Department of Community Development, Development Review Division, 621 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368, (360) 379 4450. Comments concerning this application should be submitted to the Department by 4:30 p.m., Thursday, May 6, 2021. Comments submitted after this date may not be considered in the staff report.
Notice Date April 22, 2021
Permit Number MLA19-00142/SUB2019-00022
Applicant WeFore LLC, Discovery Bay Golf Club
Postal District Port Townsend
Parcel Number 001304001 002, 004, 006 007 & 001292005 & 001293004, 009 010 & 001311002, 005 & 001322007 & 999200401 405, & 901
Notice Date February 19, 2021
Hearing Date March 9, 2021, continued to May 25, 2021

PRE-HEARING CONFERENCE--SEPA APPEAL. Discovery Bay Golf Club Planned Rural Residential Development, Preliminary Plat Approval. Web link, or by phone, United States: +1 (571) 317-3122 & Access Code: 797-613-357. Agenda: Procedures for SEPA Appeal, Notice of Appearance—Attorneys of Record, Scheduling for Case. Project record:

The public hearing will be conducted on Tuesday, March 9, 2021, and will begin at or about 2:00PM. The Hearing Examiner will be hearing two separate cases this same day, and the other project may start first. Due to physical distancing requirements related to the Covid Pandemic, this meeting will be conducted online. During the hearing, if your testimony includes any exhibits, please email them to Joel Peterson at
The application and any studies may be reviewed at the Jefferson County Department of Community Development and can be accessed at the County’s Laserfiche Web Archive: All interested persons are invited to (a) comment on the application; (b) receive notice of and participate in any hearings; and (c) receive a copy of the decision by submitting such written comment(s)/request(s) to the Jefferson County Department of Community Development, Development Review Division, 621 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368, (360) 379 4450.


NOTICE OF LEAD AGENCY: MLA19-00142 was reviewed under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) by Jefferson County acting as lead agency. A Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance (MDNS) was issued on February 19, 2021.

NOTICE OF MITIGATED NON-SIGNIFICANCE: Jefferson County has determined that the above described proposal, conducted in conformance with the applicable Jefferson County Codes and Ordinances, would not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment, and an environmental impact statement is not required under RCW 43.21C.030(2)(c). This decision was made after review of a completed environmental checklist and other information on file with the Jefferson County Development Review Division.
Permit Number MLA20-00124/SDP2020-00018
Applicant WA Dept of Natural Resources (Skokomish Tribe)
Parcel Number N/A (in Dabob Bay)
Project Description Shoreline conditional use application for proposed aquaculture in Dabob Bay. The proposal is to lease approximately 50 acres for aquaculture use by the Skokomish Tribe. Of this, gravel will be placed in 3.3 acres of the project area (areas B, C, and D), and placement of gravel is subject to review under the Jefferson County Shoreline Master Program. Up to 437 cubic yard of gravel may be used. The applicants submitted a biological report. The proposal is subject to review under SEPA.
Notice Date February 11, 2021
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Jefferson County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 beginning at 5:30 PM, virtual/online. The purpose of the hearing is to hear a staff presentation and accept public comment regarding the four proposed Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code Amendments on the 2020 Final Docket:
The staff report will be available on or about February 3, 2021. The meeting agenda, phone access information and the staff report can be found by visiting the Planning Commission webpage on the County’s website here: and clicking on “Agenda” under the Agendas, Minutes & Audio Recordings heading, or by contacting David Wayne Johnson at 360-379-4465. You may submit written comments up to 4:30pm on February 10, 2020 at the email above, to be read at the hearing (3 minute limit), or you may join the meeting by phone and give testimony live for a limit of three (3) minutes. Additional meetings have been scheduled for February 17, and 24, 2021 to continue deliberations and make a formal recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. Check the webpage for additional meeting information, or contact the phone or email above.

To view this meeting live go to
Follow the links under “Quick Links: Videos of Meetings-Streaming Live”
To call in comments or for those without internet dial:
(872) 240-3212 and enter Access Code: 233-149-405#

Permit Number MLA20-00093
Postal District PORT HADLOCK
Parcel Number Parcel number 821042001 in Section: 4, Township: 28N, Range: 1E, 3312 - S4&5 T28N R1E INC MATS VIEW TERRACE, OLYMPUS BCH & HOLTH SP located at 241 Mats View, Port Ludlow, WA 98365. Project location in Mats Mats Bay. 
Project Description SHORELINE EXEMPTION WITH SEPA to replace an existing dock built before the Shoreline Management Act of 1972. The replacement includes the pier, ramp, float, and pilings. This project is exempt under shoreline permitting from Jefferson County Code (JCC) 18.25.560(2) Maintenance and Repair. The application requires SEPA review for lands covered by water under WAC 197-11-800(3). Leann Ebe McDonald of Shoreline Solutions LLC prepared the SEPA checklist. Additional permits from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the US Army Corps of Engineers are required. The applicants propose to remove 1620-foot pier ram, float, and 23 creosote pilings and replace with a shortened and narrower aluminum pier and float and replace with 17 galvanized steel pilings. No removal of vegetation, fill or dredging will occur.
Notice Date December 16, 2020
Permit Number MLA20-00074/SDP20-00008
Applicant Cynthia and Steven Holshouser
Postal District Port Ludlow
Parcel Number 976800013
Project Description Shoreline variance application for new residential development within a 150-foot shoreline buffer. The applicants are proposing to construct a single-family residence (about 2,000 square feet) and detached garage (about 600 square feet) approximately 70 feet from the ordinary high water mark at the closest point. The area landward of the top of the shoreline bluff was historically cleared of vegetation for residential use, while the area beyond the shoreline buffer consists of forest habitat. The applicants are requesting the shoreline variance to avoid removing native conifer habitat. The applicants submitted a Habitat Management Plan to address impacts to the shoreline buffer and a geotechnical report that addresses development along a low bluff.
Notice Date December 10, 2020
Permit Number MLA20-00121/SDP20-00016
Applicant Bridget and Casey Anderson
Postal District Port Ludlow
Parcel Number 983401412
Project Description Shoreline conditional use application to expand an existing non-conforming residence. The proposal includes a landward expansion to increase the footprint by 255 square feet for a new garage, 114 square feet for a bedroom and bathroom, and 132 square feet for a new gravel footpath; a lateral expansion of 67 square feet to a kitchen addition and a walkway roof; and a vertical expansion of 385 square feet. An existing driveway (240 square feet) will be removed and a new 239 square foot driveway will be constructed to the new garage. The applicants submitted a geotechnical report and a planting plan.
Notice Date December 10, 2020
Permit Number MLA20-00130
Postal District PORT TOWNSEND
Project Location Parcel #'s: 901023010 (Chimacum Primary School 313 Ness' Corner Road, Port Hadlock, WA 98339), 901023018 (Jefferson County Library 620 Cedar Avenue, Port Hadlock, WA 98339), 000000230 Jefferson County Roads Cedar Avenue Mile post 0.03 to 0.42, SR 116 at 313 Ness'  Corner Road, Port Hadlock, WA 98339. The project is located in Section 2, Township 29 North,  Range 1 West in Port Hadlock, WA 98339
Project Description STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PERMIT WITH SEPA for Jefferson County Department of Public Works (JCPW) to complete work under the Safe Routes to Schools Program Grant awarded by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). The project includes pedestrian and bicycle improvements to enhance safety and mobility on State Route 116 (SR 116), Cedar Avenue,  
the Jefferson County Library property, and the Chimacum Creek Primary School Property. On Cedar Avenue, the project adds a concrete sidewalk, curb, gutter, ADA sidewalk ramps to the Jefferson County Library driveway entrance, a bus pullout for Jefferson Transit, stormwater facilities adjacent to the sidewalk, low level pedestrian illumination to the west side of the Cedar Avenue sidewalk, crosswalks and bike lanes on both sides of Cedar Avenue and the Utility relocation by Jefferson County Public Utility District #1. At the Jefferson County Library, the project adds concrete sidewalks, ADA sidewalk ramps, and a crosswalk along the south side of the Jefferson County Library driveway entrance, from Cedar Avenue to the library building. At Chimacum Creek Primary School, the project adds a shared use path for pedestrians and bicyclists beginning at Cedar Avenue and ending at the northeast corner of the Chimacum Creek Primary School Parking lot. The path will be located on the north side of the existing fence between Chimacum Primary School and  
Jefferson County Library. The path will be 10 feet wide with 2-foot-wide gravel shoulders and will include low level pedestrian illumination. On SR 116, proposes to install Pedestrian Activated Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) on the shoulders of SR 116 at the Chimacum Creek Primary School driveway entrance. Stormwater management is treated separately for the path and the additions to Cedar Avenue. The engineered stormwater plans have been prepared by Jefferson County Public Works. Construction is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2021. The Safe Routes to School grant includes an estimated project coast of $880,300.
Notice Date December 4, 2020
Permit Number MLA20-00112/ZON20-00048
Site Address 210 FOUR CORNERS RD
Parcel Number 001333024 & 001333029
Project Description The Jefferson County PUD#1 is requesting Modification of Established Conditional Uses and Developments approved under Conditional Use Permit (CUP) MLA15 00038/ZON15 00023 and CUP Modification MLA15 00038/ZON18 00044. The CUP was issued in 2015 and modified in 2018 to provide standards for operating an existing utility facility in a Rural Residential zone. This CUP modification follows a Type II, Conditional (Administrative) review process. Three modifications to the CUP are proposed:  
1) change status of the 2,160 square foot Temporary Office Building and Sign on Parcel #001333024 to Permanent Office Building and Sign for the Facility; 2) Incorporate remaining 0.85 acre PUD Parcel #001333029 into the area covered by the CUP; and 3) Replace specific business hours of "9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday" in the CUP with "normal daily business hours" to accommodate alternate work schedules.
Comment Period & Where to Find Documents: The application and any studies may be reviewed at the Jefferson County Department of Community Development. All interested persons are invited to (a) comment on the application; (b) receive notice of and participate in any hearings; and (c) receive a copy of the decision by submitting such written comment(s)/request(s) to the Jefferson County Department of Community Development, Development Review Division, 621 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend, WA  98368, (360) 379 4450. Comments concerning this application should be submitted to the Department by 4:30 p.m. on December 10, 2020. If the last day of the comment period falls on a weekend or holiday, then the comment period shall be extended to the first working day after the weekend or holiday. Comments submitted after this date may not be considered in the staff report. 
Notice Date November 25, 2020
Project Planner Joel Peterson, 360 379 4450
Notice is hereby given that a joint public hearing will be held by the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners and the Jefferson County Board of Health on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. Per the May 29, 2020 Jefferson County Public Health Officer Order, the BOCC meetings will be held virtually. To view the meetings live go to Follow the links under “Quick Links: Videos of Meetings-Streaming Live” or those without internet can listen by dialing Phone #: 1-646-749-3122 - enter Access Code: 661-198-069#. Access for the hearing impaired and others can be accommodated using Washington Relay Service at 1-800-833-6384. The purpose of the hearing is to take oral and written testimony regarding an ordinance which, if enacted, will establish a uniform system of code compliance regulations, centrally declare public nuisances, establish a compliance system including monetary penalties and county abatement, and provide cost recovery for county related compliance expenditures. The proposed ordinance adopts new Title 19 JCC (Compliance Code), moves Public Nuisances to Title 19 JCC and deletes Chapter 8.90 JCC (Public Nuisances), and revises portions of Title 8 (Health & Safety), Title 15 (Building Codes), Title 17 (Master Planned Resorts), Title 18 JCC (Uniform Development Code).

In addition to the November 19, 2020 joint public hearing, written testimony is also invited beginning on October 22, 2020 and ending on November 19, 2020 at the end of the Public Hearing, unless extended by the Board of County Commissioners and the Board of Health. Written public testimony may be submitted by Email to: or; or by Mail to: Jefferson County Commissioners’ Office; PO Box 1220, Port Townsend, WA 98368 or Board of Health at 615 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368. To provide oral testimony at the public hearing, dial 1-646-749-3122 and enter access code: 661-198-069# by 2:30 p.m. so your call can be taken.

The public may view the text the proposed draft Compliance Code Ordinance on-line at or in-person at the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioner’s Office located at 1820 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368.

Permit Number MLA20-00034/SUB20-00004
Applicant Loren Bishop
Postal District Chimacum
Parcel Number 901353013
Project Description Two Lot Short Plat to subdivide 22.81 acres into two parcels, Lot 1 consisting of 10.07 acres and Lot 2 consisting of 12.74 acres. Both lots have existing single family residences and septics systems with individual wells. All roads and accesses are existing..
Notice Date May 27, 2020
Permit Number MLA18-00102
Postal District Quilcene
Parcel Number 601105013 
Project Description Type II Conditional Discretionary Use “C(d)” permit for a Cottage Industry to produce and process Cannabis in a Rural Residential zoned 5.48 acre parcel under State License Number 416544. The project includes two (2) 5,000 square foot buildings with 2,000 square feet dedicated to processing cannabis, and the remainder used for production. The proposal must comply with the conditional use criteria under JCC 18.40.530, Cottage Industry regulations under JCC 18.20.170, Marijuana regulations under JCC 18.20. 295, and is exempt from SEPA review under WAC 197-11-800(1)(b)(iii) and JCC 18.40.750(1)(c) – building under 30,000 square feet. The “C(d)”process requires public notice, but no public hearing unless deemed necessary by the UDC Administrator under JCC 18.40.520(2). On April 30, 2019, the UDC Administrator determined this application shall be processed as a Type III Conditional “C” Use Permit under JCC 18.40.520(2) with a public hearing and decision by the Jefferson County Hearing Examiner. The public hearing will be conducted on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at or about 5:00 PM, in the Jefferson County Superior Courtroom, 2nd Floor, Jefferson County Courthouse, 1820 Jefferson St. Port Townsend WA.
Notice Date February 12, 2020
Permit Number MLA20-00013/SDP20-00001
Applicant Gregory Heinzinger
Postal District Nordland
Parcel Number 021294038
Project Description TYPE II SHORELINE CONDITIONAL ADMINISTRATIVE "C(a)" USE PERMIT for a Boathouse accessory to the existing single-family residence. A boathouse is a water oriented use and is permitted within a shoreline buffer. The boathouse will be 294 square feet and used only for the storage of watercraft. The application includes a Mitigation Planting Plan prepared by Meehan-Roulst Wetland Delineating. 
Notice Date February 5, 2020
Applicant David and Linda Findlay
Port Ludlow
Shoreline application for a conditional use permit (CUP) for lateral expansion of an existing non-conforming residence (291 square feet) and landward construction of a new garage (529 square feet). During the pre-application meeting, Washington State Department of Ecology agreed that the proposal could be processed as a CUP if the expansion towards the water was within the confines of the current foundation walls. The Department of Community Development Planning Supervisor made a site visit and determined that the proposal was within the confines of the foundation walls and that the application would be reviewed as a CUP. The applicant submitted a habitat management plan. The proposal is not subject to review under the State Environmental Policy Act (WAC 197-11-800(1)(b)(i)).
Wednesday, October 9, 2019.