2016 Projects


In 2016, 4 projects were awarded funding. In Port Townsend, the 2016 QWC Addition project plans to enlarge Cappy's Woods by 2.5 acres. The project was awarded $34,814 towards fee simple acquisition, and operation and maintenance, of ten platted parcels within the Quimper Wildlife Corridor. The parcels were identified as high conservation priority in the QWC Management Plan which was adopted by the City of Port Townsend in 2008 and will be acquired by the City. The proposed match is the combined value of four donated parcels with an estimated total value of $17,914 as well as the donation of partial values of three of the subject properties totaling $20,050. The operations and maintenance request is $4,000 of the total amount for annual monitoring and stewardship. Jefferson Land Trust is the project sponsor.

The Big Quilcene River - Moon Valley Reach received $5,000 to help initiate acquisition of property or a conservation easement on up to 107 acres of floodplain and adjacent slopes of the Big Quilcene River above Quilcene. The proposed match is $5,000 from a state grant. The Jefferson County Environmental Health is the project sponsor. Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group is the project applicant.

The Irondale Beach County Park Additions project will use $22,000 to acquire two parcels of vacant land totaling 1.5 acres on the slope above the existing county park. The proposed match is a donated parcel located adjacent to the subject parcel valued at $22,000. Jefferson County Public Works is the project sponsor.

In South County, the Tarboo Creek, Farm, and Forest project will receive up to $97,100 towards the acquisition of a conservation easement on 33 acres of forest and farmland in the Tarboo Valley. The proposed match is the partial value of the easement to be acquired ($60,000) as well as grant(s) and private contributions ($67,000) for operation and maintenance actions to restore conservation values. Jefferson Land Trust is the project sponsor. Northwest Watershed Institute is the project applicant.