Pregnant Women and Family Support

3 babies sitting up in diapers
Pregnant? New Baby?
You have what it takes.
All parents have questions and concerns.
Our public health staff has expertise in family and health issues. We are committed to supporting you in being the best parent that you can be so that all our Jefferson children get off to a good start, thriving in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment.  We offer support and education to pregnant women and parents of young children who are income-eligible.

We also provide resources for families with children with special healthcare needs.

To learn more about our Family Health Service programs, call us at 360.385.9400

A team of public health nurses, social worker and dietitian can  give you the support, advice and information you need.  Apple Health eligible pregnant mothers and their children (until their child's first birthday) can receive services including home and office visits. to promote and support healthy pregnancies, healthy babies, safe and responsible parenting, and to link families with community resources

Breastfeeding Education and Support

Get your baby off to a good start by learning about breastfeeding. Public health staff is here with reliable information to answer your question and offer guidance and support on breastfeeding topics.

Breastfeeding supplies, and pumps available on loan.

Breastfeeding Tea Party: A tea party for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers is offered on Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Health Department. Drop in for tea, talk with other mothers, and have questions answered by a certified lactation consultant. Nursing infants and children welcome.