Right-of-Way Permits & Vacations

Permits are required for any activity by a citizen or business that impacts a County road or public right-of-way, in order to protect the infrastructure and the public's safety and investment. Public Works reviews and processes applications for road approaches, utilities and other right-of-way uses, as well as requests for road vacations (i.e., elimination of the public interest in specific right-of-way). View the Jefferson County Code Title 12 PUBLIC WAYS AND PLACES.

Work Within the Public Right-of-Way

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about applying for a Road Approach Permit

Road Approach Permit applications will be accepted, but the Road Approach Permit will not be issued until a Site Development Review (SDR) application has been approved by DCD. Please visit DCD's website for information regarding this new requirement per Ordinance No. 09-1003-22.

Additional information:

Call 811 before you dig! Calling 811, two business days before you begin digging, alerts utilities to come out and mark THEIR buried lines from the street to your house For FREE!  Visit Washington811 for more info https://www.washington811.com/. Guide to Safe Digging published Jan. 2021.