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Jefferson County Community Health Clinics

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Our Mission

The mission of the Community Health Clinic is to provide accessible, high quality, confidential health services in a safe, respectful environment.

Our Goal

  • To support and promote independence, self-awareness, responsibility, respect and healthy relationships. JCPH clinics welcome all people.

What do we do here?

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  • Well Woman Exams and Preventative Health - We offer annual exams, screening for breast and cervical health, and preventative care to promote wellness. We also provide other services such as exams for yeast infections, UTIs or bladder infections.
  • Birth Control / Family Planning - We provide all birth control methods, including emergency contraception (Plan B), to help plan or prevent pregnancy. We are happy to help you decide what method is best for you.  See Confidentiality for Teens
  • STI Testing and Assessment - Whether you are having symptoms, or just wanting screening, we will counsel on appropriate testing options.
  • Sports Physicals -Thorough physical screening for sports offered at our School Based Health Clinics and main clinic, if available appointments. Cost is $45 or we can bill insurance.  
  • Immunizations - Full range of immunizations at our school based clinics, and also at our main clinic 
  • School Based Health Centers - We offer comprehensive medical and mental health care at our Port Townsend and Chimacum High School clinics, including confidential reproductive health services, per Washington State law.


All insurances accepted; sliding scale for birth control; many are eligible for programs offering low or no cost services. 

Take Charge - special program that covers the cost of birth control. We can easily determine if you qualify.

Breast and Cervical Health (BCHP) - Special program that pays for women’s annual exam and mammogram. We can easily determine if you qualify.


Did you know? What we say here, stays here. Anything you say about sex, drugs, and feelings in our clinics is confidential unless you give us permission to share it. 

Teen Confidentiality 

In Washington State, there are special laws that protect teen confidentiality. Anything you say about sex, drugs, and feelings in our clinics is confidential unless you give us permission to share it. 

Teens are able to receive birth control, STI screenings, pregnancy testing and get answers to question, and mental health services, all without having to contact a parent or guardian. 

We do have to involve others to help if: 

  • You are being abused (physically and/or sexually)
  • You are being neglected
  • You are going to hurt yourself or someone else
  • You are under 14 and having sex with someone 17 years old or older
  • You are under 16 and having sex with someone 20 years old or older

Performance Measures

View JCPH performance measures for targeted clinical health services.