District Court Calendar

Jefferson County District Court is moving forward with telephonic and virtual meeting hearings.  If your hearing is listed, please contact the Court for your options to appear by telephone or virtual meeting instead of appearing in person.  

All Civil and Infraction Calendars after June 22, 2020 are to be held remotely due to the Jefferson County District Court Administrative Orders and the Supreme Court Orders due to the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" orders in place.   Please contact the court for the hearing information to attend those hearings. Most of these hearings will be conducted on the Zoom Meeting Platform and notice will be sent to the parties. 

Jefferson County District Court is now live streaming those hearings to You Tube at the following link: 


Please be aware during a live stream on YouTube if the video goes into a 'private' mode, that means the parties are having to use other technology in the courtroom during a hearing.  The official court recording captures the events during that time. 

If your hearing is schedule for a remote hearing, please contact the court at 360-385-9135 for your options. 

The general schedule for District Court is listed below. If the defendant is in custody in Jefferson County they will appear on the 1:15 pm calendar that day. Please check the Jefferson County Jail Roster to verify defendants status.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 am
​Mitigation, Contested &​Delinquency Calendar
10:30 am: Therapeutic Court 9:00 am: Criminal Proceedings Calendar 8:30 am:
​Jury Trials
1:15 pm: In-Custody Calendar 1:15 pm: In-Custody Calendar 1:15 pm: In-Custody Calendar 1:15 pm: In-Custody Calendar 1:15 pm: In-Custody Calendar & Warrant Quash Calendar ​(check in by 11:00 am with photo ID)
1:30 pm :
2:00 pm: Civil,  Small Claims, Name Change ​& Protection Order Calendar 1:30 pm: Criminal Proceedings & Probation Reviews Calendar
  1:30 pm: Criminal Motion Calendar

​2:00: Small Claims Mediation (held remotely with Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center)