Please note:


 Parties may appear in person using the following health safety guidelines

  •  Cover your face with a mask, scarf or other covering
  •   Do not enter the Courtroom if you are sick, coughing or sneezing
  •   Use physical distancing to stay at least six (6) feet away from others.
  •   Once the assigned spaces are occupied, you must wait outside the courtroom
  •   Use hand sanitizers available in Courtroom and throughout the Courthouse
  •    Do not approach Bench, please remain seated at counsel tables during your case
  •   Only approach the bench to present documents for judicial signature

                 Parties may appear remotely by “Zoom” Video Platform 

Download Zoom on your device in advance of your first scheduled hearing. A free version is available at or from the app store on your device. Sign in utilizing the Meeting ID and Passcodes  indicated below for the court session you would like to attend. Please review the Zoom Rules and Administrative Order ( links to the left)

Parties may also call in via Zoom by dialing -1 253 215 8782 ( You will be prompted to enter the meeting ID and possibly the Passcode)

MONDAY CALENDARS-   Meeting ID: 869 9510 4312
Passcode: 226392 ( Host will admit guests, Passcode may not be requested)

 TUESDAY CALENDARS-  Meeting ID: 833 7441 8358 
Passcode: 155325 ( Host will admit guests, Passcode may not be requested) 

WEDNESDAY CALENDARS- Meeting ID: 830 3375 8129
Passcode: 948080 ( Host will admit  guests, Passcode may not be requested) 

THURSDAY CALENDARS-  Meeting ID: 881 5887 9137
Passcode: 197552 ( Host will admit, Passcode may not be requested)

 FRIDAY CALENDARS -  Meeting  ID: 831 3747 0775
Passcode: 111025 ( Host will admit, Passcode may not be requested)



Superior Court Hearings

The Superior Court hears and decides controversies and handles related hearings and proceedings covering both civil matters and criminal felonies. Criminal felony cases are those cases where the defendant could be sentenced to a state penitentiary. 

Civil Cases Include:

  • Adoptions
  • Domestic relations
  • Juvenile matters (both offender and dependency)
  • Mental and alcohol petitions
  • Probate matters
  • Those brought on equitable grounds
  • Those involving title to or possession of real property

Law Library

Located in the Superior courtroom, the Law Library is a collection of law related publications and references available to officers of the court and general public, and serves the dual purpose of being the Judge's library reference.