Inmate Telephone Calls

Phone Calls

The Jefferson County Correction Facility offers phone access to each inmate in virtually every cell block. Inmates are encouraged to use the phones to contact friends, family, attorney, and more. All outgoing calls from the cell blocks are collect. Inmates cannot receive incoming calls.

Accepting a Call From an Inmate

  • Your phone line must be able to accept collect calls via your phone company.
  • Follow the instructions given by the operator.
  • Collect calls will be billed to your account as stated.

Blocking Calls From Inmates

Call 360-385-3831, ext. 749 to block your phone number from jail inmate phone calls.

Removing a Block From a Phone Number

To remove a block from a phone number come to the Jefferson County Jail with valid photo identification and a recent phone bill with the phone number on it and your name as the primary. We will not remove blocks without id and proof of ownership of the phone number.

CTEL Technologies

To set up a pre-paid account, block collect calls, technical problems, request credit, or dispute charges, please call CTEL Technologies at 800-583-9683 (FREE).