Criminal Division

The sheriff’s office criminal division consists of patrol, detectives, and the marine unit.  There are currently fourteen patrol deputies, three patrol sergeants, one patrol captain, and two detectives.  The Marine Unit is a part-time unit made up of personnel from throughout the Criminal Division.

Corrections Division

By law, Washington Sheriffs are responsible for operating a jail and providing jail services.  The Jefferson County Jail is overseen by Jail Superintendent David Fortino, and employees both sworn corrections officers and sergeants, as well as non-sworn civilian personnel.

Civil Division

The Civil Department is the handles process service and enforcement of civil court orders, and is also responsible for security at the County Courthouse.  Chief Civil Deputy Jennifer Moore supervises three court deputies, a number of civilian security officers, and an administrative clerk.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Division is responsible for records, evidence, permits, and other office-related functions.  This division consists of both full-time and part-time civilian employees, and is overseen the Sheriff's Confidential Secretary.

Animal Control

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office employs a full-time Animal Control Deputy, whose mission is to care for the community’s concerns about domestic animals.  The Animal Control Deputy reports to Sergeant Shane Stevenson.