SR 19 Rhody Drive Ped-Bike Improvements - South Segment

This project is part of the Tri-Area Active Transportation Network included in the Jefferson County Parks, Recreation, Trails, Open Space Comprehensive Plan adopted in October 2023. Jefferson County Public Works has been awarded two separate grants for use in the Engineering phase of this project.  The first grant is from the Washington State Department of Transportation, federal “Transportation Alternatives” program (TAP), whose objective is to improve the transportation system by enhancing safety and mobility for pedestrians and bicyclists.  The second grant is from the state “Sandy Williams Connecting Community” program (SWCC), whose purpose is to improve active transportation connectivity for people walking and biking in overburdened and vulnerable communities impacted by current and former state highways.

Project Overview

This project begins at state highway SR 19 (Rhody Drive) milepost 9.56 near the Chimacum Schools campus (approximately 250 feet southerly of the West Valley Road/SR 19 intersection), runs southeasterly along the southerly side of SR 19 through the Chimacum commercial area, and ends at milepost 8.94, approximately 815 feet southeasterly of the SR 19/Chimacum Road/Center Road intersection.  The beginning of this project connects to Public Work’s 2015 “Safe Routes to School SR 19 & West Valley Road” project (near the Grange building and the Chimacum Schools campus); that project will be connected to another future pedestrian-bicycle project the “SR 19 Rhody Drive Pedestrian-Bike Improvements – North Segment project which is currently in the design phase.

This project will provide the Chimacum and Port Hadlock community, Chimacum School students, and the Chimacum business area with a ADA-compliant concrete sidewalk, curb & gutter, stormwater facilities, a dedicated bicycle lane, a pedestrian-bicycle bridge across Chimacum Creek, pedestrian level illumination, and pedestrian road crossings.  The total project cost estimate is $1,830,099.  This project is currently in the engineering phase; construction is tentatively scheduled for 2026.