Climate & Health

Impacts from climate-related events such as adverse weather, flooding, heat, and wildfire smoke affect Jefferson County residents in many ways. Planning for current and future health impacts from such events is important work. Jefferson County Public Health began to build capacity for planning and mitigation in 2022, and efforts continue today. This website will continue to be updated as more resources and information become available.

Emergency department visits increase dramatically during heat events especially for outdoor workers in agriculture and construction.

Heat Exposure and Occupational Injuries: Review of the Literature and Implications

Wildfire smoke has become more and more common in Western Washington in recent years, and Jefferson County Public Health chose this climate-related topic to begin to address first. The Jefferson County Board of Health passed a Wildfire Smoke policy in 2023, to guide public health actions. For more information, see the Wildfire Smoke page.

Heat events have become more frequent and extreme, and are considered to be one of the biggest climate related impacts on health. To learn more about protecting yourself, your family and community from heat related illness or injury see the Heat Safety page.

University of Washington Center for Health and the Global Environment-- What We Need to Know: Climate and Health Risks

The Climate Action Committee is a joint committee of the City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County. For the next scheduled meeting, please visit the City of Port Townsend City Meetings calendar.