Stock Plan Submittals for Selection:

Joint City-County Stock Plan Committee Recommendations: 

12/18/23 Stock Plans Agenda Request

Jefferson County Department of Community Development (DCD) wishes to thank the architects and designers for their Stock Plan submissions. Because the Washington State Building Code Council (SBCC) has an extension of the current building code from July 1 until October 29, 2023 (and then to March 15, 2024), we are updating our review and approval schedule to include additional time for community input.

What are stock plans?  They are pre-designed home plans that include the most requested features consumers seek in a new home. Such features include popular room dimensions and square footage, layouts of floor plans, room numbers and sought-after amenities. They will also include expedited permitting at a lower cost.

If you are planning to construct a new home or a detached accessory dwelling unit, we want your input! To review a plan, please select “plan or plans” below, decide which ones you like best, and send ( the form attached here with your selection. A committee will review your comments, and provide the Board of County Commissioners and the Port Townsend City Council feedback. Our goal is is collect feedback and then select the top several plans.

The City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County will then approve the building plans that will then be purchased at a discount directly from the architect or design professional, enabling you to skip several steps and lower costs.  You will still need site planning and perhaps re-engineering if the building is on land constrained by critical areas and/or shorelines.  

Report to the Board:  August 8, 2022 Staff Report

1. Artisan Group – 1 plan 

Flexible Dwelling - (600 square feet) 

2. Cascadia – 11 Plans

800 square feet or less. 6 plans

800 sf to 1,250 sf. 5 plans













 3. Ross Chapin Architects – 15 plans

Plan Name (square footage)

Plan Name (square footage)

Cabo (544 sf)

Petite (264 or 360 sf)

Petite Live-Above (282 sf)

Betty (up to 1,079 sf)

Rhody (684 to 812 sf)

Brightside (784 to 1,530 sf)

Moho (600 sf)

Two Suite (1,192 sf)

Willows (806 sf)

Hilltop (828 sf)

Just Enough (748 sf)

Live Above (640)

Rowan (1008 sf)

Coles Park (4 units – stacked duplex)

Micros (6 units)


 4. GreenPOD - 5 Plans               

Plan Name (square footage)

Plan Name (square footage)

Brandonwood       (447 sf) – 1 plan

Care – 1 plan

Freedom              (320 sf) – 1 plan

Rosewood        (770 sf) – 1 plan

Sunset                 (581 sf) – 1 plan


 5. Shape Arch Plan – 1 plan

Willow Creek (650 square feet)

 6. Urban Cottage – 1 plan

Urban Cottage Prefab & WOOD Studio (288 sq ft)