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Civil Protection Orders

Washington State law allows a person (called the Petitioner) to file a civil case in court asking a judge or a commissioner to grant an order to protect them from another person (called the Respondent) whose behavior is abusive, threatening, exploitative, or seriously alarming. Washington State has recently passed House Bill 1320 which updates laws concerning civil protection orders to further enhance and improve their efficacy and accessibility. This law is effective July 1, 2022 and can be found in RCW 7.105.

One petition is now used when filing for a domestic violence protection order, anti-harassment protection order, sexual assault protection order, stalking, and vulnerable adult protection order. A separate form is used for extreme risk protection orders - which are primarily filed by law enforcement but - can be filed by an intimate partner, family or household member. An extreme risk protection order does not protect an individual but rather protects society. 

Petitioners choose which type of protection order is most appropriate for them to file. However, protection orders do not cover everyone's needs; there may be other legal remedies that are appropriate.

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