Foundational Monitoring & PIC Project

The Foundational Monitoring project is a comprehensive water quality improvement program for eastern Jefferson County. The main goal of the project is to transition away from a regional project-by-project approach, to a monitoring program that covers the entire Clean Water District. This enables Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) to work more efficiently, provide consistent monitoring of high priority shellfish beds and shorelines, and provide a foundational level of protection from nonpoint sources of water pollution. JCPH is conducting water quality monitoring for fecal bacteria at the mouths of 14 major streams that drain to shellfish growing areas and 118 miles of high priority shoreline where smaller drainages enter the same receiving waters. We will analyze results of this monitoring to identify problem areas throughout eastern Jefferson County. Staff then prioritize these problem areas, or hot spots, for pollution identification and correction (PIC) action, such as on-site septic system (OSS) maintenance and repairs, and agricultural best management practices. We distribute septic system education, surveys, permitting, and repair financial assistance information in the areas surrounding the hot spots. Through these actions and methods, this project aims to protect public health by keeping waters clean and free of bacteria pollution.

Figure 1 Foundational Monitoring Project Area Map