Big Quilcene Floodplain Project

Jefferson County, WDFW, the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group, Jefferson Land Trust, Tribes, Hood Canal Coordinating Council, local residents and landowners have been working together for many years to restore the  "Lower Mile" of the Big Quilcene River floodplain. More than 70 acres in the lower river and estuary have been protected as open space since the late 1990s in anticipation of re-establishing natural river functions, especially north of the river. 

Habitat restoration supports recovery of the threatened species, Hood Canal Summer Chum salmon and numerous other fish and wildlife species. Jefferson County continues to acquire key floodplain properties from willing sellers using grant funds. The Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group is pursuing full-scale restoration of the north-side floodplain coupled with a redesign of the north-south transportation corridor through a multiple-benefits "Floodplains by Design" project, which also includes the goals of flood hazard risk reduction, compatibility with shellfish growing, and support for recreational and educational opportunities.