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Masking in public, indoor places is recommended, although no longer required, depending on the level of the Jefferson County COVID-19 case rate, shown above. 

05/20/2022: The two-week case rate is 848 cases per 100,000 people. The risk of COVID-19 transmission in public, indoor places is high. At this level, it's strongly recommended everyone wear a well-fitting, high-quality mask in public, indoor settings. This gauge is updated Tuesdays and Fridays. 

A basic measure of disease frequency is rate. The counties in Washington State all use the same formula in order to make it easy to compare rates with one another. To calculate a two-week case rate, we divide the number of cases that occur in a two-week period by the number of people in the county. We then multiply that result by 100,000, showing what the figure would be if all counties had the same population of 100,000. 

05/20/2022: We are adding 14 cases today, bringing the total to 3,875.

We now include some statewide case rate information published by the Washington State Department of Health, seen in a separate table below Cases by Age. Click here to view the state's report

Cases by Age

0-11 487
12-19 448
20-29 392
30-39 650
40-49 509
50-59 433
60-69 479
70-79 328
80+ 149

WA State case rates per 100,000 by vaccination status 4/13/22-5/10/22

Data reported by the WA State Department of Health. View complete report at The state updates the report weekly.
Age Group Rate in unvaccinated Rate in fully vaccinated Impact
12-34 1,135.9 696.0 1.6 x higher in unvaccinated
35-64 1,159.2  624.6 1.9 x higher in unvaccinated
65+ 1,244.4 457.9 2.7 x higher in unvaccinated

Cases by Sex

Cases by Sex
N (%)
Female 1954 (50.43%)
Male 1921 (49.57%)

Cases by Location

Port Townsend
Mid-County 1356
South County
West County 273

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Jefferson County, WA

Last results received 05/20/2022. We are working with Jefferson Healthcare and other labs to provide test result data. *Source: This table will be updated Monday through Friday. Table last updated: 05/20/2022 at 10:49 AM.
Total Positives (confirmed cases reported since 3/2/2020)
Active Cases in Isolation
Cases Ever Hospitalized      127
Cases Currently Hospitalized        0
Deaths      29
Total Tests Administered 50038
Percent of total population initiating vaccination, updated Fridays** 82.60%
Percent of total population fully vaccinated, updated Fridays* 77.30%
All-Time Percent Positive
Percent Positive week of May 10-16
Two Week COVID-19 Case Rate
per 100,000 (May 3-16), updated Tuesdays & Fridays

Case Rate in Last 4 weeks

Week of:
Case Rate
04/09/22-04/22/22 385
04/12/22-04/25/22 419
04/16/22-04/29/22 460
04/23/22-05/06/22 584
04/26/22-05/09/22 646
04/30/22-05/13/22 774
05/03/22-05/16/22 848

% Positive in Past 4 Weeks

We calculate our weekly positivity rate by dividing the number of positive test results by the total number of tests taken. Note that, for this particular stat, we only use test results reported to us from Jefferson Healthcare and do not include home test results or results from other labs. That’s because we don’t know the total number of home tests being done so including those positive tests would make the percent positive higher than it should be. We DO incorporate home test results and results reported from other labs when calculating our total case count and our two-week case rate.
Week of:
Tests Completed
Cases % Positive
04/12/22-04/18/22 370 29
04/12/22-04/18/22 328 33 10.06%
04/12/22-04/18/22 344 32 9.30%
05/03/22-05/09/22 399 61 15.29%
05/10/22-05/16/22 539 76 14.10%

For details on the timeline for reported cases see the Epidemiologic Curves tab for Jefferson County on the WA DOH COVID-19 Data Dashboard.

Jefferson County, WA Zip Code Distribution Map

Cases By Location Zip Codes