Inspections - Construction Restart Safety Requirements

Dear DCD Clients and Community Partners,

Jefferson County Department of Community Development (DCD) is aware of the Governor's April 24th announcement allowing construction of issued construction projects to resume. In response to this announcement, DCD is taking immediate steps to redeploy relevant services, while also adhering to the Governor's required guidance on social distancing and safety on construction sites.

 The Governors Addendum Implementation of Phase 1 Construction Restart – Proclamation 20-25 states “No jobsite may operate until the contractor can meet and maintain all requirements, including providing materials, schedules and equipment required to comply.” In response to that directive, and to allow Contractors time to complete the required plan DCD will not resume scheduling of issued permits until Tuesday the 28th, with the first inspection occurring Wednesday the 29th. **If a plan is not in place, DCD will not perform the inspection.

 Prior to scheduling an inspection, confirmation will be requested that Phase 1 Construction Restart COVID-19 Job Site Requirements have been met and a comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control, mitigation, and recovery plan is posted at each job site. This plan must be available for viewing when the inspector arrives onsite. Assistance with developing your plan can be found here:

 Scheduling will be done in accordance with DCD’s INSPECTION PRIORITIES document. This is a document specific to the restart and not a standard that will be continued beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

 While construction on issued permits is being allowed to continue, permits that were not issued prior to the governor’s order will remain on hold. Phase 1 of the governor’s plan was for issued permits only. Permits in review still fall under the Stay Home, Stay Safe order and cannot be issued at this time.

 DCD is encouraged by the governors latest amendment, and we look forward to being part of the solution to getting construction back underway in Jefferson County. If you have any questions or concerns regarding DCD’s response to COVID, please visit the Community Development main page..