Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19

  1. How Can I Be Prepared For a COVID-19 Outbreak?
  2. Should I wear a mask?
  3. Are Jefferson County residents doing a good job on flattening the curve?
  4. How do I safely handle my groceries?
  5. Why can’t you tell me more about the cases or about the people being tested?
  6. What does close contact mean?
  7. People I know are feeling anxious and worried about COVID-19, is there any help for them?
  8. Why should people wear masks to prevent coronavirus infection?
  9. Do face masks protect the person wearing the mask?
  10. Why should I wear a mask that protects someone else but not me?
  11. What scientific evidence support the use of masks to prevent COVID-19?
  12. In general, has there been a lot of interest in getting the vaccine in Jefferson County?
  13. What good is a mask directive if there are not strict criminal penalties for violation of the directive?
  14. Is a public health directive to wear a mask in public a violation of an individual’s right to enjoy their personal freedom?
  15. What is the specific requirement for masking in Jefferson County?
  16. How does masking initiatives relate to Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Safe Start WA plan?
  17. Can people who have recovered from COVID-19 get it again? How long can the immunity last?
  18. Is there anything I can do to prepare my body for COVID-19?
  19. What does "outside your household" mean?
  20. How can I say no to a gathering without disrespecting my family?
  21. How will young adults know when it is their turn?
  22. How can I talk to my family about wanting to downsize or make our holiday gatherings virtual?
  23. How many people do you expect to have gotten inoculated by the end of 2020?
  24. What if I hold my gathering in a garage/yard/patio/deck?
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