Who We Are

How to Join the ACAC Committee

  • Individuals who wish to serve on the ACAC Committee can contact Public Health Staff @ amcenery@co.jefferson.wa.us for more information. Or if you want to apply, please fill out the ACAC application, (Put ACAC application link here) to describe your interest, experience, ability to meet attendance requirements, and include the category (consumer, family members, or agency representative) you wish to represent on the ACAC.
  • Committee applicants shall be screened and recommended by the Executive Committee to the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners, (BOCC).
  • New applicants will be approved by the Jefferson County BOCC once a year.
  • Membership terms are two calendar years beginning in January. A member can serve two consecutive terms. Further terms can be approved after the membership opening has been publicly advertised and with the recommendation of the Executive Committee.


Jefferson County Accessible Community Advisory Committee

 Members and their Affiliations

  • Sarah Grossman
    • Physical Therapist at Chimcacum School District & Jefferson Health Care
      Has worked with people with disabilities across the age spectrum & across the globe/JUMP President
      - Voting Member
  • Carl Hanson
    • Homeless Advocate, Community Chaplain
      Vulnerable Adult Task Force Member
      Community Health improvement Planning (CHIP) Group Member-2016
      Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board
    • - Co-Chair / Voting Member
  • Colleen Faragher-Horwell
    • Accessibility Advocate
      - Voting Member
  • Roland Faragher-Horwell
    • Family Member & Accessibility Advocate
      Member of Jefferson County Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness
      - Voting Member
  • Emily Mandelbaum
    • Former leader of the East Jefferson HLA Chapter
      Member-Hearing Loss Association of America & WA State Hearing Loss Association
      Consumer with Hearing Loss/Advocate-Hearing
    • - Coordinator / ACAC Grant Coordinator / Staff Member
  • Mark McCauley
    • Jefferson County Central Services Director
      ADA Coordinator / Staff Member
  • Anna McEnery
    • Jefferson CountyDevelopmental Disabilities Coordinator
      ACAC Grant Coordinator / Staff Member
  • Kim Rafferty
    • Parent of an Adult with a Development Disability
      Developmental Disabilities Advisory Board Co-Chair
      Olympic Neighbors Board Member
      Hamilton House Manager-(Adult Family Home)
      Family Member
    • - Family Member / Voting Member
  • Pat Teal
    • President/Disability Awareness Starts Here, (DASH) Group
      Vice Chair of the Peninsula Housing Authority
      City's Non-motorized Transportation Advisory Board Member
      County Auditor's Accessible Voting Advisory Board Member
    • - Member / Voting Member
  • Shirley Wiliams
    • Senior Citizen - American Red Cross - Nurse
      - Consumer / Voting Member