Therapeutic Courts and Alternatives to Incarceration

Drug Court

The primary purpose of Drug Court is to reduce recidivism and the need for incarceration by offering an alternative to jail and probation through participation in assessment, education, and treatment for nonviolent, drug- addicted defendants. Normally, Drug Court will take a minimum of 12 months to complete. Eligible defendants who choose to enter the program waive their right to a speedy trial and trial by jury, stipulate to the facts in the police report from the time of their arrest and agree to complete judicially supervised treatment, mandatory periodic drug testing, community supervision, and use of appropriate sanctions and other rehabilitation services.

A Drug Court Judicial Benchbook providing key guidelines that will help judges improve client outcomes and increase cost savings is available through the National Drug Court Institute (NDCI). View more Drug Court Resources.

Contact Information:

Court Coordinator: Ford Kessler


Phone: 360-385-3866

Fax: 360-385-7288

Court Mailing Address:

Jefferson County Superior Court

P.O. Box 1220

1820 Jefferson St

Port Townsend, WA 98368-1220

Court Information

Court Level: Superior Court

Assigned Judge: Keith Harper

Year of Inception: 2003

Capacity: 50

Enrollment: 27

Graduates since Inception: 82

Drug-free babies: Not tracked

Duration of Program (Months): 12

Adjudication Status: Pre-Adjudication

Mental Health Court

Mental Health Court diverts select defendants with mental illnesses into judicially supervised, community-based treatment. Mental Health Courts is voluntary. Defendants are invited to participate in Mental Health Court following a specialized screening and assessment, and they may choose to decline participation. For those who agree to the terms and conditions of community-based supervision, a team of court staff and mental health professionals works together to develop treatment plans and supervise participants in the community.

Contact Information:

Court Coordinator: Tracie Bick


Phone: 360-385-9134

Fax: 360-385-9367

Court Mailing Address:

Jefferson County District Court

ATTN: Mental Health Court

P.O. Box 1220

Port Townsend, WA 98368-1220

Court Information

Court Level: Superior and District Court

Assigned Judge: Jill I. Landes

Year of Inception: 2013

Enrollment: 15

Capacity: 20

Graduates since Inception: 12

Duration of Program (Months): 24

Adjudication Status: Pre- and Post-Adjudication