Weeds on Private Property

There are weeds on property next to mine which keep infesting my property, what can I do?


 Each landowner is responsible for the noxious weed species outlined in the County weed list of 2016. The weeds on that list are classified as either Class A, B, or C which is indicated either behind the common names or in the list titles. Class A weeds are the highest priority and are required for eradication meaning you have to remove all plant matter immediately. Class B weeds are required for control meaning you have to prevent it from reproducing (which is most effectively done through eradication). Class C weeds are not recommended for control but not required.  


These classifications are what determines the course of action the Weed Board will take when informed of a noxious weed infestation. Often, the species in question is a class B, in which case the Weed Board will have to send at least 3 letters informing the landowner of the infestation and their legal requirements of removing the weeds. The third letter will set a date and time at which the Weed Board will come in to remove the weeds themselves at the expense of the landowner. However, this date and time has to be timed according to the plants seed production in order to be in compliance with the WAC 16‐750. Therefore, if you inform the Weed Board of (for example) a Poison hemlock infestation on your neighbor’s property somewhere in March or April, the Weed Board cannot force someone to remove those plants until later in the year.  


 Additionally, the Weed Board will decide case‐by‐case whether or not they want to go as far as to do an enforcement or impose a civil infraction on anyone. These tools are rarely used and are not in line with the JCNWCB’s view on how to manage the issue of noxious weeds. We believe a cooperative approach founded on a mutual understanding of the severity of the problem whilst keeping in mind the feasibility of removal.

 All you can do is inform the Weed Board of a weed location, which would be greatly appreciated.