Posting Bail

Bail is accepted 24 hours a day at the jail. Bail can either be posted with cash, cashier checks, or a bond from a bail bond company. When cash bail is posted, it is possible that the person paying the bail will receive the money back once the person that is bailed out has completed their court appearances.


Refunds are handled by the court of jurisdiction over the defendant’s case. The Sheriff’s Office does not refund bail monies. There are many bail bond companies that are authorized to write a bond in Jefferson County. They are listed in the yellow pages under Bail Bonds. The bail bond companies generally charge 8% to 15% of the bail amount. This is their fee for writing the bond and is not refundable.

Once bail has been posted it may take 2 to 6 hours before the person is released. This will vary depending on day of week, time of day, and how many other releases are pending at the time the bail is received. We appreciate your patience and understanding of the importance of taking steps to insure that only the correct individuals are released.